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I urge you to read the whole site so you'll know what you're getting into. But when you're ready to join, you're in the right place!

Your Own Personal Fight Camp!


Heavy Bag Centered

All of your strikes are on the heavy bag. This gives you resistance to strengthen your muscles, harden your bones, and experience the joy of hard-hitting impact! Crank up your music. Wrap up our hands. Put on your gloves. And start your round timer. There is no better way to train!

Fight Focused

The heavy bag is your opponent. You don't just train, you fight! This builds the fight habits and disciplines that are so important.
There's also no "bootcamp exercises" to do. We get ALL of our exercise thru exciting fight combinations! Never take your eyes off your opponent. Monitor your guard. Keep your chin down.
Respect the punching range!


Perpetual System

You rotate through a series of workouts.
It will be a month or two before you see the same workout again. There is more variety than you would ever come up with on your own. You will never be bored again. This system is specifically designed to avoid burn out and overtraining. Instead it keeps you interested, progressing, and sharpening your game!

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This section is dedicated to questions answered about Kickboxing.
You can check out any of the the answers to the questions by clicking the
question or go directly to my profile page by clicking the Quora icon in the footer of this page

What You Need In Your Workout Program:


Think about it. You can't just willy-nilly and hapzardly jump into a workout program and just assume all of your requirements and expectations are going to be met.

So the first thing you need to do is ask yourself, "What do I need my workout program to do for me?"
Be specific. Saying, "get me in shape" is nothing. It hasn't had enough thought put into it to be meaningful.

What I will do is list what I felt was needed when I began designing this system. (Spoiler alert: all these needs are taken care of in the system.... so don't worry.)

1. One thing I noticed I was REALLY neglectful of when I worked out on my own was flexibility.

I needed to make sure that all of my limbs could move in all directions without catching, binding, or pulling.
This is not only for performance but for injury prevention.
I would sometimes do some stretching, but mostly not. Why? Because it can seem boring, but usually it was because I was just in a rush to "get to it" and get the workout cranking.

It is no fun standing around thinking of what stretches to do anyway.


It's not fun thinking that there are so many things you'd like to do in your kickboxing or self defense workout that you can't or won't get to them all.
You might watch a Youtube video or see a UFC fight and think, "Man! I've got to try that! Next time I'm doing my workout I'm going to use that."

Guess what? You won't remember. At least not during your workout.
So I needed my workouts to systematically and periodically put in ALL the stuff I thought was cool, useful, or important.
Everytime I thought of something great, made up a great combo, saw an awesome technique or combo in a fight or in an instructional video, I wrote it down. Now, instead of getting in a rut and doing the same combos and techniques that come to mind, I KNOW I'm doing everything I want to!

3. My Own Music

How powerful is music? It's amazing.
It's energizing, motivating, inspiring. What are the chances that the workout video you buy is going to be playing the music YOU want? Zero? Right.
So when YOU control the juke box, your workouts are now powered by the very tunes that you find most gets you in the mood for exercise.

It might be progressive, pop, rock, alternative, or my favorite: gangsta hip hop!
Whatever I'm in the mood for, that's what I put on. It's 50% or more of the energy in the room when you're working out. It's important!

4. Balance

An action-packed workout can put a lot of stress on your body. (In a good way, obviously.)
But too much of a good thing can turn into a bad thing.
So I wanted my workload to be spread out through as much of my body as possible.
Boxing's great. But I don't want all of my energy being processed by my fragile hand bones and wrist.
I want to use my elbows, my knees, my shins, my insteps, the ball of my feet, etc.
To add even more balance, I like to work both sides. So I'll do the combo Orthodox a few times, then Southpaw a few times.
If that's not your thing, don't worry about it. Although the system is very structured, it affords a surprising amount of your own preferences put in. In fact, up to 40%, sometimes more, of the workout is allowing for your input. (More later on that)

5. Muscular endurance, muscle, joint, and bone strengthening, cardio-pulmonary stamina, and power.

I want to train all of the above areas. I needed to make sure the workouts were giving me the cardio and lung capacity I would need in a fight, but without doing so much it uses my muscle for fuel.

I wanted to make sure my bones were encountering enough resistance to harden, and that my joints were able to absorb more force, and my muscles were getting enough resistance to adapt.

Luckily, the very nature of the program, kickboxing and fight training, lends itself to these goals very naturally. I just had to make sure I had the right amount and combination of everything.

Damir Spanic

Photo by Damir Spanic

6. REAL self defense

I'm sorry, but I ain't down for that cardio-kickboxing namby pamby pitter-patter bullshit!

I don't want to waste my time.
Do you realize for every 3 minutes you're performing some fluff pattern non-fight B.S. on the bag, that's 3 minutes you just deprived yourself at becoming better at actually fighting?

Why would anyone do this?
Well, in fairness, some people don't have a goal of improving their fight game or self defense. That's ok.
But this system isn't for them. Most anything you see in one of those "cardio kickboxing" classes will not be found here.
One of my main goals was to keep things authentic. The techniques are real. The mode of practice is real. The habits and disciplines are fight-centered.
Admittedly, there are a few things you'll be doing in a given month that are more of a "drill" as opposed to actual "fight" practice. But that's ok. It's ok to do a good drill every now and then.

7. Avoiding Overtraining, Burnout, and Overuse Injuries

Almost nothing in your workout system- whichever one you use- is more important than avoiding injury. Overuse injuries, although they come on gradually, can be just as serious.
Tendonitis, shoulder impingement, sore wrists and hands, overuse of the hip flexors, etc.
I can't say this will never happen to you. But it was a primary goal to make sure I systematically decreased that risk down to as low as feasibly possible.

Burnout is a workout enemy as well. It happens when your workouts get stale, uninteresting, uninspiring, and full of the same stuff over and over. You get in a rut. When you combine a rut with intense effort, that is the recipe for burnout.

Overtraining is going too long, too hard, too frequently.
When you don't have a system, you always want to push yourself past where you're comfortable. You can actually feel bad if you didn't do "one more!" "Come on, one more round!" then, "Ok, just one more!, then "One more!"

There's no definitive stopping point. How do you know when to stop? You wing it??? That's not a plan.
(Don't worry. I have a plan. A great plan that will take care of ALL of the above for you.)

8. No bootcamp exercises!

This should almost be #1. When I first tried to develop the perfect "home" exercise program, I found myself not sticking with it. I kept wracking my brain, "WHY am I not sticking with it when I'm designing it myself and can truly create anything I want???"

After a lot of soul searching it hit me: exercise avoidance. I was subconsciously avoiding what I didn't like. I didn't even realize that I didn't like the bootcamp exercises, but wow, when that enlightenment hit, it was life changing.
I realized you can't try to force yourself to do things you don't like doing. To do so pits you in a battle against your own will power. I asked myself, "Is it really necessary to have that struggle? Will I derail my goal of exercising consistently for the rest of my life if I do? Is it worth it?"

No, it's not worth it. Sure, some of the "exercises" are good, but you can accomplish a TON with your body just by doing powerful fight combinations on the heavy bag. You don't need to countless burpees, and mountain climbers, and pushups, and jumping jacks, and running in place, etc, etc, etc, etc.

No one has figured this out yet. Until they do, "it'll be our little secret".

Just wait until you see how much easier it is to keep up your workouts month after month when you're not doing a bunch of boring, energy-expending bootcamp exercises. Why not use that same energy focused on your fight training?

Are you beginning to see the light? You only have so much energy to use. When you're using it ALL to fight with, you get a LOT better at fighting. You've plugged your holes in your energy dispersion. You're no longer wasting time OR energy, and you're NEVER having to do things you dislike! It's AMAZINGLY POWERFUL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question? Send us a message!

Q. “I see that you don’t offer a money-back guarantee or a refund… WTF?”

The reason is because I try to explain the entire program and its requirements very clearly so that any purchaser doing their due diligence knows EXACTLY what they’re getting and how this whole System works before they ever pull the trigger to order it. Definitely read the "Instructions" link so you'll get an even more detailed view of what this System might be like.

Every single person who has ordered my System so far have been awesome people. I have never even received ONE complaint from a single user… that’s a pretty good track record! (Even from beginners, whom I warn not to purchase this system. lol)

I use this exact system for myself and my clients EVERY single time I workout or train someone; there can be no complaint- it simply works perfectly. In fact, there is no system comparable to it ANYWHERE in the world… it surpasses every other training system for giving someone a fun, productive, easy-to-use, easy-to-stick-with workout regimen that they can use for YEARS and still love.

If you have any troubles along the way, even before you buy my system, please reach out and see if I can help you. Or, if for any reason you think this might not be for you, don't purchase it. I do not want you to be dissatisfied. I want you to be happy, healthy, and productive with your workouts and fight training! I don't sell this to make money; it was never designed to sell.

It is my own personal passion project and I want to share it with the world (because it took me SOOOOOOO much time to develop it!!!)


This is just a preview in case you want to see what the Instructions are like. You will get complete, and updated if necesarry, Instructions when you become a member.

These Instructions are only for those who have already purchased the program. If you’re not on the program yet, this page won’t make any sense to you or be relevant to your situation. This is just a sample; you will print out the Instructions with the rest of the program.

Here is an example of how your training will go:

You will print out all of the Workouts and put them in a Notebook.
(This will now be called your “Workout Notebook”.)

Your Workout sheet will guide you through all 10 Rounds of your training session

Your Workout sheet will guide you through all 10 Rounds of your training session.

First you’ll get your tunes cranking, wrap up your hands, get your water handy, and get your Round Timer set.
(Have your gloves ready… you’ll need them from Rounds 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10.)

You’ll be using a round timer to pace every round of the workout.

This will take “time” completely off your mind and let you focus on technique, execution, and performance.
You have to use a timer. This is not optional.

This will take “time” completely off your mind and let you focus on technique, execution, and performance

The first four rounds have been designed to slowly draw you into readiness for the Heavy Bag rounds.
It makes is sooo easy to start your workout that you don’t need to be “in the mood” at all.

As long as you show up, the System will take good care of you.
No more need for planning either before or during your workout. Done!

With the first 4 rounds, before you “hit the bag”, you’ll have gotten your flexibility covered
and will be able to move all of your limbs in any direction without stiffness or catching.

You will be mentally geared up for additional effort before you have to perform it.
(You’ll be amazed how well this works. Trust me. You never have to be "in the mood" to exercise.
The system will do that for you. Show up lethargic. Not feeling like doing your workout.
You will magically be in the mood before the heavy bag rounds start.)

So the first 3 rounds, as you can see below, are:
Seated Stretches
Standing Stretches
Dynamic Stretches

The final six rounds of every workout are on the heavy bag

The final six rounds of every workout are on the heavy bag.
By the time you get to these, you'll be totally ready to go, completely
warmed up, and as loose as you'll ever be.

Here's what you will do on these rounds:

Fight the bag using the combination given on each round:

Move around, keep in a good fighting stance, keep proper distance,
respect the punching range, and keep fighting until the bell rings.

It’s a three-minute fight using one specific combination.

This is so much more enjoyable than having to think up a new strike to do a hundred times during a round.
That is what drains all of your workout energy- which is now going into the
"performance" instead of "planning" in your head.


A real break time. Not "pushups and burpees time". (Hooray! Right?)

Cease fighting, catch your breath, walk around, get water, and really try to relax
before the Green bell rings and it’s “Go” time again!

Don’t sit down during this time. Pace around unless you’re stopping for water.


That is all you have to do during this entire training System: wait for the green light
and bell and then read the game plan for that Round.

Your mind can finally relax. And this goes session after session, month after month, year after year.

When you join the Kickboxing Underground, all your workout planning is done. For a lifetime.

This System is perpetually renewable and you will love it! It does not become boring or repetitive.

It’s a living, breathing system. Well, feels like it anyway….

Ok, back to the workout…..By the final bell and the end of Round 10, you’ll be exhausted,
feel like a champion, have just gotten an amazing workout, and have a lot less stress.

All your energy is going into the workout instead of spinning
around inside your head wondering what to throw or do next.

Until you’ve experienced this system, you will never fully understand just how liberating and energizing this is.

Below is the very first Workout you will do in the System. Look at it closely, line by line.

In actual practice, you are only ever looking at one round at a time. No need to pay attention to any of the rest of it.

The key is to clear you mind and only focus on the round at hand.

Here's an actual copy of workout #1.
(Click to enlarge image)

Kickboxing Map

When you return for your next training session, you turn in your Notebook to "Workout #2".

It will be exactly the same format, only the combinations and techniques will be different.

There is a ton of variety. More than you’ll find anywhere else.

Each workout has combinations with punches, knee techniques, push kicks, switch kicks, etc.

When I work out, I want to keep every session challenging and full of variety, as do you.

Admittedly, you will be throwing a lot of right crosses and left hooks…. that’s just the nature of the fight game.

Jabs too. And roundhouse kicks. Get used to ‘em, you’ll be throwing them a lot.

But there’s a ton of different techniques we’ll be using at various times during the workout program,
so you get to at least practice a lot of different weapons to keep all your skills sharp and growing.

Besides a heavy load of basics, you’ll have spinning backfists and elbows, Superman punches, clinch fighting, you name it.

Some things don’t get used a lot in life, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to practice them and become proficient with them.

It adds a lot of spice to your training.

Since the workouts rotate in succession, it will be a month or maybe two before you’ll see the same workout.

This keeps it fresh and interesting. Even after several years the workouts don’t get boring.

Take boxing for example: boxing is the “sweet science” and it’s based off of a small number of punches.But it is interesting enough to last a lifetime.
So when you add in the plethora of techniques that kickboxing, Muay Thai, and MMA give you, you have enough tools to keep things interesting for years and years. Certainly.

Your body is your instrument through which you express yourself.
And like a musician you don’t get bored playing the same instrument.
But you enjoy the challenge of striving towards perfection… all the while being able to express yourself more and more truly as your mastery over your instrument increases.
Self Expression is what Bruce Lee said martial arts were all about.

I have pared a complete exercise method, modality, and philosophy down to its bare essence.
There is nothing that needs to be added, and there is nothing that you should take away.

There is zero fluff at the Kickboxing Underground. Every action in the System was designed for a purpose.

Like a sculptor I chipped and chipped away at this System until there was nothing left that could be removed or changed.

The essence that remained is what I feel is the world’s strongest, most robust comprehensive workout system. Even a pro fighter could use this with complete satisfaction.

Kickboxing Map

And we do not offer a Refund Policy, so it’s important you choose wisely.

You must know how to throw the techniques, because no instruction is given in them.

Don’t just mindlessly hit the “Buy Now” button. Make sure this is for you.

This is suitable for the home trainee all the way up to professional level with no deviation.

But this is not recommended for beginners.

Perhaps after several months of kickboxing classes.

You really need to know what the techniques are and how they might flow from one to another or you
will have no idea how to do the combinations, which is why I pasted the sample workout above.

But above all:

10 Ways This Is Superior To A DVD Program

Shadow Kick


10 workouts in all, and all 10 are for every level. Some DVD sets come with multiple workouts, but most of the time only one or two are usable at your current level. Even after one year of doing this program, you will probably have only seen the same workout 10 times. This prevents burnout and helps keep you interested and enthusiastic about working out. We also spread out the workouts to cover your entire body, not devoting a whole workout to “abs”, or “legs”, or any other specific muscle group. No one needs THAT much work done at once to any body part.


The first 4 rounds are open to the addition of your own material, so you can decide what seated stretches, standing stretches, dynamic stretches, and shadow boxing you want to do. Sure, you may want to use the same warmup stretches over and over again, but should you happen to come across a book or video that is showing you something new that you want to try, you simply add it into your stretching rounds, whether its seated, standing, or dynamic. If its a technique, you can add it into your shadowboxing round. This way your program can continually grow or evolve according to your needs or desires. With a DVD, you’re stuck with what they give you, EVERY single time!


Music is 50% of your workout energy! With DVD’s, you are stuck to listening to THEIR generic terrible music EVERY single time you workout. At the Kickboxing Underground, you are the DJ to your own workout! One day you might want rock, the next day hip hop, the next time acid jazz or fusion or funk, or whatever… Being able to put on the music that YOU like and are in the mood for EACH and every time is a huge plus. HUGE! With the right music, you’re halfway there already!


DVD’s always have someone talking, introducing things, instructing, etc…. It might be good for the first time, but what about 6 months into the program and you’re still having to listen to ALL that annoying stuff EVERY single time you want to work out??? No way! (Read the Amazon reviews from people who have been on a program for a while and you’ll see.) The cute little comments and banter they put in there… gets old quick!


"No bag" means no resistance behind your strikes. You are at risk of hyper-extending your joints and causing injury. (Why are these people in DVD programs wearing handwraps and gloves??? They're only hitting the air!)
But the best part about having a heavy bag is that the resistance it adds is what’s going to build muscle, increase bone density, strengthen joints, activate your core.
PLUS, that’s the most fun thing about hitting and kicking: IMPACT!!! Am I right??? Of course!


Because when punching the air, your weight is not being transferred into any object, your stance and weight distribution upon impact is not quite as realistic and your muscle memory and neural pathways are being developed in a manner different than a fight situation. And with cardio DVD’s, you don’t have a target, and you aren’t visualizing an opponent. With our System, you are impacting a heavy bag. That will give the kind of balance and coordination you’re going to need in an actual violent confrontation for self defense. You have the weight of the bag pushing back against your fist, and that force is transferred into your arm, your shoulder, THRU YOUR CORE, into your legs, and into the ground… MUCH more effective for toning and building strength!
(In all fairness, I do have some friends like Sean Fagan "The Muay Thai Guy" and Trav over at "Fight Smart" who make excellent material. Get their stuff too. You can apply anything you learn, from any good teacher, to your workouts on this System.


Burpees, mountain climbers, jumping jacks, sit ups, running in place, pushups, and all sorts of other exercises that are NO FUN to do. Our System has been designed to work these same muscle groups, but by doing something fun and interesting on the heavy bag. This gets your mind off the “workload” and puts it into the “fight”, where time passes much more quickly, and with a lot more excitement and fun. Typical exercises can create “exercise avoidance”, where you dread your fitness routine so much that you can no longer force yourself to do it. Our program has you LOOKING FORWARD to working out!


DVD’s teach you to look at a screen when your eyes should be laser-focused on your opponent. When you’re trying to watch an instructor, yet your technique is moving your body with momentum in a different direction, this can cause you to crane your neck unnaturally and lead to neck injury and headaches. Our System has you ALWAYS looking at your opponent, and NEVER taking your eyes off of him. Not even for a second. If there is ONE crucial habit to form for self defense and fighting, this is it.


A DVD has constant INPUT into your brain thru your eyes and ears (“noise”). It doesn’t allow you to relax and escape into the workout. It doesn’t allow you to think about your fight and your technique; your thoughts are constantly interrupted by the “talking heads” pulling you out of your zone and distracting you. The Kickboxing Underground System will take your stress level from an 8,9, or 10 and bring it all the way down to a 1,2, or 3, EVERY single time you workout. This has been anecdotally proven thru countless uses and training sessions and has never failed. Following the Instructions as written will lead to a perfect workout every time. Remember, this program was created to be the perfect workout system. It was never designed to be a “product” to sell. Its all about SUBSTANCE, and no fluff or hype.


With the Kickboxing Underground Workout System, you are either working out at a gym, in your garage, or in a basement, and hopefully you’ve turned the entire area into a workout room so that it feels motivating and energizing. Maybe its just me, but I can’t workout in a bedroom or in the family room; the atmosphere just isn’t right. I don’t want to see all of the distractions of daily living. I want an ESCAPE from my daily life, at least for an hour! No TV, no computer. Just the heavy bag, my System, and my music. Now THAT’S a workout!!!

About the Kickboxing Underground Program

Kickboxing Map

The Kickboxing Underground is a system you can use for the rest of your life, and if you did nothing else, you would be fit, healthy, active, stronger, and more athletic.

It's time to take a look at your exercise program and make sure it's doing everything you want and need, and doing it efficiently and effectively.

There are a lot of great short-term exercise programs on the market, and they really will get you in shape.
But after people have used the program a month or two, they grow disinterested, bored, or burned out. You can only push yourself so hard for so long before you enter a state of overtraining, which is your enemy in exercise.

Using a kickboxing workout on the heavy bag allows you a lifetime of gradual improvement in both your physical body and in your kickboxing technique.

Being able to continuously make small improvements, year after year, keeps you motivated and feeling good about your exercise program.

The most important thing is doing exercise that you enjoy doing. This cannot be stressed enough. The more you actually enjoy what you’re doing while working out, the less self-discipline and motivation you have to possess.

This program has been designed to make exercise fun, and it has been wrapped in an overall “System” that lets the program be used to its maximum benefit.

Kickboxing Map

It guides you through your whole workout session, like a group class. It tells you what to do, how long to do it, when to start and stop each aspect of the training session, and--much like a personal trainer--alleviates your need to pre-plan any aspect of your workout program, almost like an autopilot.

I decided that I didn’t like doing the calisthenics exercises like jumping jacks, running in place, push ups, mountain climbers, burpees, etc.

I would get a little demotivated to do my workout because I hated doing those boring arduous exercises, so I decided to remove them!

Yes, I know it seems blasphemous not to perform the calisthenics, even the sit-ups and crunches, but I did it because I learned a way to incorporate all the muscle groups and elements I needed for a perfect exercise program, right on the heavy bag!

And you’ll see as you learn more about the program and system, but when you only do things you want to do during your exercise regimen, it makes it a lot easier to stick with.

And the icing on the cake? You can do it all right at home! You don’t have to go anywhere, coordinate your schedule, pack your bags, be around other people at the gym staring in the mirror. No. It's just you.

And your music is blaring and your blasting that heavy bag with all your might, for short bursts of 3-minutes each!

Each round you’re told exactly what to do. No thinking! You’re only thinking about your form and technique.It's fun.
It's dynamic.
It's effective.
And it's easier to stick with than anything you’ve ever done because the system simply takes you along for the ride. You just show up.

The primary purpose of this program and system is to help people develop a lifestyle of exercise while improving their self defense and fight habits and techniques.

How To Stay Consistent In Your Home Exercise Program

Ground Stretch

Here are a few simple tips I give others (and myself) about how to really maintain CONSISTENCY in an exercise program.

Rule #1. Don't fool yourself.

If you're not maintaining as regular of a workout schedule as you might like, write down or mark on a calendar every time you work out. Then you can look back over the previous month and see just how many times you actually did. Sometimes it might feel like every other day you've been doing your exercise, but when you see it written down, you realize its only been averaging twice per week.

Rule #2. Don't procrastinate.

If you have a choice to workout today or tomorrow, always choose today. You never know what might happen tomorrow. You could have something come up, you could have a headache, you may not have been able to fuel your body up enough, you might be too tired, .... the list could go on and on.
The easiest way to make sure you get THREE sessions in per week is: don't put it off. Even for a few hours. Sometimes I might be ready to workout in two hours, and someone might call and say, "Hey, you wanna work out later with me?". Experience has taught me to always WORKOUT SOONER RATHER THAN LATER. I've been burned many times by delaying a workout only to have something come up to prevent that later workout.

Rule #3. Pick a frequency that's right for you.

Don't think a certain number of times per week is right just because you read it in a magazine article somewhere. It all depends on YOU. How much are you eating? What else are you doing that's taxing your body. If you REALLY need to lose weight, then maybe 3 sessions of kickboxing per week, along with 3 days of walking or something else to keep your metabolism up is best suited for you.
If you're a construction worker whose lifting heavy items all day long and stressing your body (especially your joints), then maybe two days per week is best.
The point is, there is a correct amount for everybody, or should I say "every BODY", depending on the person's needs and circumstances. You don't want to do too little, but truthfully too much is probably the worse of the two.

Rule #4. Don't get sick or injured.

Injury prevention is Job #1 when training, so always be "safe rather than sorry". An injury can derail your workouts, and therefore your results, for weeks or even months.
Also, your immune system takes a dive for the 12 hours or so after a hard workout, and slowly recovers from there. After training, make sure you focus on recuperation. Don't go visit a friend in the hospital; if someone else is sick, don't get around them. Getting "under the weather" can steal many days from your workout routine, so protect your health and your vitality to your best ability.

Rule #5. Stay with the program.

Don't try to make any modifications unless you really have a good reason.
One of the keys to the power of this system is its mindless simplicity.

If you have to constantly be thinking of what you're going to change, how long you're going to make your rounds, if you're actually going to use your timer, etc, etc., it adds a lot of thought and decision into a plan that did not require it of you. This causes stress, steals some of the fun, and can derail your path. Don't do it.

Just show up in your training area, and after getting your timer and music hooked up, look at your workout sheet and just begin "Round 1", which is Seated Stretches.

Its SOOOOO easy to begin this way, and once you've begun, the rest is a cake walk!

Another very important aspect of "staying with the program", is the REST between rounds.

This cannot be stressed enough.

If you are trying to multi-task between rounds (like checking your phone for messages), then you are not on "the program".

The Program calls for complete rest between each round, which also means letting your mind take a break.

Just get water, walk around and catch your breath.

This is the ONLY way to experience the powerful stress-reduction effect of this program.

If you can reduce your stress, you'll feel much more refreshed after your workout, much more at ease, and with much less on your mind in the form of worries and anxieties.

When this takes place, it makes you look forward more to your workouts.
It helps you recover most completely, and it helps you feel better about yourself and life.

And because of this, its much easier to stay consistently involved in your program.

If you do not follow this advice, then your workouts can become just another "thing" you have to try to cram into your already busy schedule, and that's FAR different than the overall goal we're trying to achieve: optimum health, strength, vitality, resilience, and peace of mind.

We Train to Fight at the Kickboxing Underground

Change the way you train

I urge you to read the whole site so you'll know what you're getting into. But when you're ready to join, you're in the right place!

Kickboxing Map

Why Are There 6 Rounds?

Side Gloves

A question I frequently get is, "Why are all of the workouts 6 rounds on the heavy bag?
Is this some sort of magical/optimal number?"

The reason there are six is:

A. If you're not at your best that day, 6 is short enough that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. After 4 rounds and you're really feeling fatigued, you can console yourself with the thought of, "Ok, there's only 2 more rounds left; I can do this!"

B. If you're full of energy that day, 6 still gives you plenty of opportunity to get all of your energy out. It will almost never feel too short. If you still have gas left in the tank, good! That unused energy will help you recover. It’s not good to push yourself 100% all the time. I think it’s ideal to go about 90%, and use the extra 10% to recover with. Recovery is key to avoid getting sick or injured.

C. Cardio wins fights. But rarely would a self-defense situation go longer than 6 rounds! So, if you can give 6 rounds your FULL energy and go non-stop during each round, you've developed such a level of cardio that you will be prepared for ANYTHING that should come up in life. No one needs to be in better shape than this.

D. This definite number keeps you from overtraining. It’s easy to think, "Oh, I should push myself one more round..." or, on some days, you might not have much energy and wouldn't know how many rounds to do. This gives you a definite stopping point each and every workout and keeps you balanced (avoids both laziness AND overtraining).

E. Not going past 6 rounds helps you avoid unnecessary wear and tear on your joints. The heavy bag puts a lot of stress on your body; you don't want your enthusiasm to get the best of you and push your body past the point it can properly recover. If you want to sustain a lifetime of training, 6 rounds just seems to work out perfectly.

The Paradox Of Choice... And How It Affects Your Workout

Boxing Stage

Photo by Attentie Attentie

Type "Paradox of Choice" into Google and you will find, "The paradox of choice is an observation that having many options to choose from, rather than making people happy and ensuring they get what they want, can cause them stress and problematize decision-making."

The paradox of choice tells us that when we have a lot of decisions to make, we feel less happy.

This is closely related to its brother, "Decision fatigue".

There is an article called: "Decision Fatigue: What it is and how it’s killing your focus, motivation, and willpower" that may be found on the RESCUE TIME blog.

I would encourage you to read on the subject. It is interesting and may help you in other areas of life.

But if you train on the heavy bag, I can tell you with certainty: your workouts have been suffering because of decision fatigue. Too many choices (the paradox) and too many decisions made (fatigue).

For most people, the heavy bag is fun for the first several times they use it but their training routines end because of boredom, repetition, monotony, and the mental drain that goes with deciding what to do during every round.

This is where decision fatigue rears its ugly head and it's a real drain on how much you’ll enjoy your workout.

Decision fatigue is such a detriment that people like Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg decided to wear the same thing everyday just to avoid it!

Small decisions accumulate and erode your mental satisfaction.
A heavy bag workout might be made of a thousand decisions! Yuck. No wonder you thought your workout sucked. It did. Literally. It sucked your mental energy and drained your nervous system.

When you constantly have to think “What should I throw next?”, you can’t exercise in the moment.

Your brain has to always be "on the edge of its seat" trying to plan your next action.

What's the point?
The point is you can't start training without a thorough plan. It can't be "in your head" either. An instructor has to tell you what it is, a video needs to be pulling you through, or an audio workout needs to be giving you your commands.

Of course, there are reasons we're not going with those above options and instead are training powered by our unique system. (Those reasons are delineated elsewhere on the site).

(In fairness, there are some "audio workouts" that are good. I've tried a few out and felt I could label them "good". But they weren't nearly as good, or enjoyable, or as stress relieving, as the System we train on.

If you become a member you will see. After I created this, I never wanted to train any other way again. Every now and then I'll try someone else's workout and I'm always disappointed I just didn't do my System instead. Soooo much better. Seriously.)

When you train with the Kickboxing Underground, all you need to do is show up. Heck, you don't even have to be in the mood. (the System takes care of that as well)

Just show up, put on your tunes, wrap up your hands, and follow along, round by round.

There are a few decisions you have to make (like what stretches your going to do), but after a while you'll get into your own groove there and it will be very very easy to flow from one stretch to another without wracking your brain.

How To Have Flow In Your Exercise Program


To have a successful, happy, consistent workout program you must have more than just the equipment… you need to have a plan.

Your plan needs to work for you long term. It needs to be much more than a list of things to do; it needs to make you happy. You become happy in exercise when you lose yourself in exercise. (Queue “Lose Yourself” by Eminem)

This is what psychologists call a flow state. Flow is when you are not distracted by outside thoughts, but are able to focus on an enjoyable task at hand. You lose track of time; you feel good, fulfilled.

The Kickboxing Underground system has been carefully designed to help you experience a flow state during exercise. It does this like no other workout system.

Being lost in a flow state is good for your mind, your emotions, and nervous system. It gives your worries a break and reduces stress dramatically.

Distractions, however, are sure flow killers.

You can’t answer the phone, respond to texts, or anything else during the training. You must constantly bring your mind back to the present. You need to carve an hour out for yourself, your body, and your mental well-being. This is how you get recharged and rejuvenated.

The anti-stress benefit achieved with this program is quite significant. And this will happen every single time you workout with my System. Every. Single. Time.

So stay in the flow and enjoy your own personal “training camp”. Each session feels like you’re preparing for an upcoming fight.

How This System Grows With You

Outside Stretch

This is more of an "FAQ" kind of thing, rather than an article. But I thought it was important information for some of you to understand, as it really applies in some peoples' situations.

It might first be helpful to ask and answer the question: "What do I even mean by the System growing with you? What kind of growth am I referring to?"

By "growth", I mean "learning something new".

There are a lot of great instructors out there, both in person and by video.

They might be teaching you different kicks, different hand techniques, or any kind of different strikes.

If these strikes are not already part of a combination in one of the workouts, how are you going to do them?

Believe it or not, there are many places during the workout where you can strike as you see fit.

For example, there is one round on one of the workouts where it simply says, "Hooks or Kicks". That means you decide whether or not you want to throw and practice Hooks, or if you want to practice Kicks.

If you've been dying to do the "Tornado Kick", or some sort of crazy flying upside down twisting kick.... well... here's you round. Do it to your heart's content.

There is also "Shadow Boxing" during Round 4 of every workout (1-10). You can do ANYTHING you like during this round.

That means you can do any punch, and kick, any strike whatsoever. You can also just practice footwork, or evasion drills like Bobbing and Weaving.

A teacher may give you a footwork pattern you want to try, or you may be trying to get better at your Slipping. Ok. Perfect time to do it.

Let's look at something completely different than strikes of their various stripes and colors and take this in a different direction.

Suppose that you have been learning new flexibility techniques. Maybe different stretches, or even Yoga.

Well, those stretches are either going to be when you're on the ground, when you're standing, or when you're moving.

That means they fall into either Round 1, 2, or 3. Every workout.

There will never be a stretch or flexibility technique that you won't be able to add into your training session seamlessly.

When you train at the Kickboxing Underground, you never have to stop learning, stop growing, stop accumulating new techniques, new combinations. If anything, really, this training system will HELP you make sure you actually practice what you learn.

It gives you the opportunity, the structure, the platform. Without the program, you would likely have the desire to practice the new things you learn, but just as likely to not get around to it.

I should know. For many months, I practiced these various evasion patterns I was learning from Fran Sands (a great boxing coach on Youtube). I did them during "Round 4: Shadow Boxing".

They made a perfect fit.

You will see as you getting rolling and acclimated to the training, there is room enough to grow!

But if you're not so inclined to pick up and want to practice new things, no worry. The System will also guide you along perfectly without you ever having to bring anything new to the table. But the option is always there for you if you want!

Thank You For Enrolling In The System!

The Download Button will give you a link taking you to the files you need to download. Make sure you then print them off- in color!
I tried to make sure that they use only minimal ink by having no pictures, no backgrounds, no fillers, nada! Only the pure essence of what you need to have the greatest workout and fight training program on Earth!

If for any reason the dowload button does not give you the System, no worries. Simply email me at [email protected]
Let me know what happened and the best email address to send the files to you. I'll get them to you as soon as I see your message.
I want you to be a happy, productive trainee and I'll help you any way I can, so never be shy about reaching out and asking a question on any aspect of the System or your training!

The Brand Ambassador Program

Apply to be part of the 10 Founding Members


  • You will receive the $100 Kickboxing Underground System at no cost

  • Simply fill out the Founding Member application

  • You must meet the below qualifications

  • First familiarize yourself with the entire site so you can determine if this is something you really want to do.

  • Read the "Requirements" to make sure you're comfortable with what you'll need to do.

What You Need:

  • A training area with a Heavy Bag (Muay Thai bag)

  • If you do not have the Muay Thai bag yet but want to get one to qualify for this opportunity, see the "Product Links" button at the bottom of the website

  • Gloves: either boxing gloves or MMA gloves. If MMA gloves, you will be happiest if they are "bag gloves" - they have a little bar in the palm to give your hand more support. That is the only kind I have ever used and highly recommend you do the same.

  • Hand wraps: almost any kind will suffice

How to Qualify:

  • Send an email to [email protected] and put "Founding Application" in the subject line

  • Send a picture of your above "must have" items to show that you are fully prepared to be an active member

  • You must be able to start immediately (within the week)

  • You must be able to train 2 or 3 times per week until you have gone thru the entire System (12 sessions)

  • Attach a short video just telling about yourself and your interest or experience in training. This is simply to show that you can record video, since that will be necessary later.

  • Either in the video or in the email, tell me what your goals are.

  • That's it! Basically you just need to be ready to go and have the right stuff to do it!!

  • This program will close to new applicants after 10 Founding Members have started.

What's In It For YOU?

  • You get to train on the world's premier heavy bag training program. This is your own personal "Fight Camp"!

  • You will achieve all the benefits that come from this type of training in terms of skill development, cardio and endurance, muscle strengthening, flexibility, and most importantly: fight skills!

  • As a Founding Member - you will be a "thought leader" in the space. You will know what you're talking about and be able to help others start their own personal fight camps at home.

  • You will learn a complete and total body workout System that can be used the rest of your life. Once you understand how the System works, your training gets set on "autopilot" where your training is set and you'll never have to prepare or plan what you're going to do. This will save you so much frustration and wasted time.

  • The other benefits are up to you to discover along the way. The improvements you make to your life and health are priceless.

Your Requirements Along The Way:

  • First you will need to apply and have the necessary training gear.

  • I am going to ask you to record your thoughts after you have gotten everything set up and are ready to go, but before your first session. Post it on social media, preferably Facebook. I'm not going to coach you, just say whatever you want. Just be real and honest. If you're apprehensive or skeptical about anything, it's ok to share it too.

  • After your 3rd Workout, I want you to record your thoughts again, this time with feedback about how it's going so far.

  • Do the same thing after Workout #8.

  • Then one more time after you've gone through all 12 workouts.

  • That's 4 short videos total. Over the course of a month or so.

  • That's it. I just want your honest opinion on how the workouts went, what you thought of the quality of each session, how your body felt when you got done, if you were glad you went thru the program, etc. Stuff that you think you'd want to know if you were just hearing about the program. Keep it honest. Everything about the Kickboxing Underground is centered around authenticity and being real. There is no fluff, hype, or exaggeration. Let's keep it 100.

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Recommended Resources:

Starting Up

Hanging A Heavy Bag


How To Wrap Hands

Proper Wrapping Technique

Where To Get Gear:

Combat Sports

Combat Sports International is a great supplier of martial arts equipment such as gloves, heavy bags, protective gear, wraps, and more. The quality of their material is superb and we recommend anyone buying gear for the program to use Combat Sports.


Title Boxing

If you're having trouble acquiring equipment form Combat Sports, we recommend Title Boxing's MMA equipment as an alternative site. I always wait until they’re having a really good sale, hopefully with free shipping, and make my purchases during those times. They have sales all the time, which is great!

Here Are Some of the World's Best Trainers We Recommend:

Fran Sands

Here is Fran Sands' site. He is an awesome boxing teacher, and he has a course available for sale. His course teaches you the actual technique, broken down into explicit detail. You will never find a better site with NO fluff! Read his articles; watch his videos; then bring what you learn to your workout sessions.

Frans Sands Pic
Johnny Nguyen Pic

Johnny Nguyen

Johnny Nguyen's site provides great articles on boxing techniques and skills. This is a site I really like a lot when it comes to explaining boxing technique.

Samir Seif

You will love my brother Samir Seif. He is the real deal, a great teacher, and so humble. He's been a combat sports champion, a member of the Ontario Top Team, and a well-versed martial arts teacher . He is a beautiful soul and a modern warrior. You'll love his teaching.

Pic of Samir
Pic of Jason

Jason Veldhuysen

No one can surpass the beautiful teaching skills and practical application in boxing than Jason. His videos are gold, and his instruction is invaluable. He provides excellent quality videos regarding boxing and personal fitness

Kwon Kicker

Technique extraordinaire is the best way to describe KwonKicker. He is a martial artist in every sense of the word. He will teach you about everything you need to know to perform high quality kicks and knees.

Pic of Chris
Pic of Samir

Sean Fagan

Lives and breathes the Muay Thai lifestyle. An accomplished fighter who has traveled to participate in international bouts. An impressive teacher and trainer who is addicted to Muay Thai. Highly recommend all his videos and instructional courses!

Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu

Sylvie is a warrior spirit and has a burning passion for Muay Thai the likes of which you have never seen. I have learned so much from her narrated training sessions with the greatest Muay Thai legends in the world. She is as great of a person as she is a warrior. Totally love everything she's about.

Kickboxing Map
Kickboxing Map


Trav is a great guy, and I consider him a friend. One of the best teachers on the planet, hands down. Funny, smart, dangerous... he's got it all! You will learn a ton. Highly recommend any and all of his products. He hacks through all of the BS so the only thing you're spending your time on is stuff that flat out works. Love this guy!

Sayf Carmen

Sayf is a straight shooter in every sense of the world. Ultra practical, decades of wisdom. He is street smart and street tough and will teach you a ton. Controversial, but he can back up everything he says. I've learned a lot from him.

Kickboxing Map
Kickboxing Map

Aaron Jahn

Aaron Jahn the Muay Thai Scholar. Just like the name suggests, it's a treasure trove of fight study and knowledge dropping!

Shane Fazen

Shane Fazen from Fight Tips is a guy who knows how to teach, knows how to fight, and has high quality videos. Very impressive in every area of fighting. I recommend anything he does. He's awesome.

Kickboxing Map
Kickboxing Map

Jesse Enkamp

If you are into traditional Karate, Jesse shows just how practical for fighting Karate can be. A great ambassador for Karate.

Stuart Tomlinson

Arguably the world's greatest treasure trove of martial arts instructional videos. If you had just this one resource, you actually would need nothing else. He's that comprehensive in his scope! He's traveled the world and filmed instructional videos with trainers and fighters everywhere. The Warrior Collective is beyond awesome!

Kickboxing Map
Kickboxing Map

Jeff Chan: MMA Shredded

I have learned so much from Jeff. He's a pro fighter with mad skills. His free Youtube videos are among the best in the world. No exaggeration. He also has 2 heavy bag programs, both of which I highly recommend. Everything he does is top notch and you will LOVE his channel and courses. I simply cannot recommend him highly enough.

Kickboxing Map

The Kickboxing Underground is a movement of "garage trainees" who want to train at home. With or without a partner. We all train on the same System. This system gives you your own personal "Fight Camp" every time you show up to train.

Here's why I created this system:
When you have to remember a Youtube video you saw last week that you want to try, and then go search for it, get it set up, suffer thru all the idle chit chat and commercials, and then keep running back to your phone or tablet to play and pause the video.... all of your workout energy, and fun, has just been drained from the process. If you can't just "show up" and have your training system take you thru a session, then you already have inertia working against you.

The Kickboxing Underground is a worldwide home kickboxing workout revolution. It was never created to be a product. It was created to be a solution.
It solves every problem with having your own home workout routine. And there's nothing "cheesy" in it, nothing that's going to waste your time, or pad your workouts with fluff in the name of filling up your workout time.

I used to own an L.A. Boxing gym, which soon became "UFC GYM" and I have personally witnessed hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of kickboxing classes and fight trainings. I took the best practices from all of this exposure, combined with my own research of what seems like a million hours, and eliminated every weakness in how others do training.

Most people haven't thought of how to avoid over training, how to avoid overuse injuries, how to conquer exercise avoidance, how to keep heavy bag training 100% fight focused, how to make training more fun and at the same time more productive, how to make sure every session is a "10", and how to make their home training 100% on autopilot instead of killing themselves with constant thinking, planning, and a never-ending search for new workouts

Believe me. What I say "I got this", I really mean it. This isn't a "product" to sell. I don't have any "affiliates" peddling the system. I don't use any "sales", or "price going up soon!", or "email campaigns" to urge you to buy.

Did you see me ask for your email address or to subscribe anywhere? Nope.
I am so passionate about this training system, and believe with every bit of my heart and soul that this is a perfect training system, that I want you to carefully consider it for yourself and see if it resonates with you.

I would love to have you training with me. I would love to have you thrilled with your home fight training. And I don't use any hype or exaggeration or gimmick. This program is 100% substance.

I will tell you exactly what it's going to take to be successful in this training. I don't sugar coat it. You have to follow the System 100% as written. You have to use a timer. You have to have a heavy bag. You have to keep your phone off. You have to avoid the outside world for 45 minutes while you're training. If you think you can implement some parts of the system and not the others, then please do not sign up. You will be disappointed. Every part of the Instructions is to keep things as simple and as easy as possible.

Please read the whole site. Know exactly what you're getting into. Then if you are 100% convinced, sign up. It's $100. Your life will never be the same. (Yes, that's how strongly I believe you are going to love training this way, and the wonderful benefits it will have for your fight game, and your overall attitude towards life).